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Delijan shargh gostar isogum company was established in 2003. After a short time,because of higher quality products and customers satisfaction , this company was succeed to receive Iran national standard sign . Also manufacturing has ISO 9001 -2008 certification from England UKAS and European Ce standard sign from TUV company. This company is honoured that to present their products with advanced technology and facilities.                                                                                            

Distinctions of Delijan shargh gostar company ;

1. Holder of Iran national standard sign .

2. Holder of European CE standard sign from TUVcompany.

3. Holder of international quality management certificate on the basis of ISO 9001-2008 standard from England UKAS.

4. Use of boiler system for producing high quality production (for transferring indirect heat).

5. Use of whole automatic Italian design machinery.

6. 10 years long guarantee products.

7. 5 years long insurance from Iran insurance company.

8. One of the largest producers of polimeri roofing insulation type( BPP ) in Iran .

9. Producing kind of roofing insulation ; covered with two layers and micronized powder type (BPP ).

10. Producing kinds of roofing insulations depend on customers request with different plating ; such as ; copper, golden, sand colour and ployetilen rubber.

11. Producing kinds of benzene and water primers with the best quality.